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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve hit the blog. Generally I need to feel fairly wound up about something in order to bother and, legally, there’s not been so much of late. Maybe when the Supreme Court and Privy … Continue reading

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Rugby, the law and strict liability

One of the things many students find difficult when first studying law is the need to apply the principles to the facts of a situation, regardless of personal feeling. The need for certainty and consistency is emphasised, and it is … Continue reading

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Alliteration leads the way for learning in law?

From William Langland’s Piers Plowman to the sports pages of The Independent, and the glory of headlines like “Elwood excels as England are Engulged” (why can’t they show this one on ESPN Classic?) I’ve always enjoyed a good bit of alliteration. However, until now, I hadn’t really considered its possibility as a viable learning aid in the study of law. It appears I was wrong….. Continue reading

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As a rugby fan, with more than a passing interest in the fortunes of Leinster, I followed the “Bloodgate” saga with interest last year. I was quite shocked to discover that the GMC hearing of Dr Wendy Chapman, the Harlequins … Continue reading

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Nothing at all to do with law…

So, holiday time is almost upon us again, but there are sulks in Law Tutor’s house. It’s the season of Irish derbies in the Magners League but now that Setanta has ceased broadcasting to the UK there is no hope … Continue reading

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