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That’s precisely what I mean!

Let’s get something straight to start with – I’ve reached that age where I’m turning into a grumpy old bat. I appreciate good manners, hate mobile ‘phones (why is it that the people who feel the need to use them … Continue reading

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Wake me up when September ends….better still, leave it ’till next June!

Somewhere between University and making a mid-life career change to the joys of lecturing, there was a point where I used to enjoy September. After years of mid-August gloom, knowing that the dreaded back-to-school/uni was just around the corner I … Continue reading

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A new unilateral contract?

It’s election time, so innocent householders everywhere are being bombarded with a host of political leaflets or, if you’re really unlucky, some slimy politician on your doorstep. (No political bias here – I don’t trust any of them). Clearly most … Continue reading

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