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The joys of Tort

It’s no secret that I’m not a particular lover of Tort. I dislike those nasty negligence cases but, as a longtime lover of Land law, I have always enjoyed the Torts of nuisance and trespass… Continue reading

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Alliteration leads the way for learning in law?

From William Langland’s Piers Plowman to the sports pages of The Independent, and the glory of headlines like “Elwood excels as England are Engulged” (why can’t they show this one on ESPN Classic?) I’ve always enjoyed a good bit of alliteration. However, until now, I hadn’t really considered its possibility as a viable learning aid in the study of law. It appears I was wrong….. Continue reading

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I love this……!

It’s exam time, and things are a little bit stressful for a lot of us at this time. When revising, try not to spend hours on end at your books – it’s important to take regular breaks. Little and often … Continue reading

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