Avoiding an Eric Morecambe…

As the Summer series of exams roll around again, it’s worth just reminding yourself to pay attention to the structure of your answer in the exams. I won’t go on at length (again) about the virtues of answering the question, but do see earlier posts on this subject! A key tip is to always sketch out a rough plan of your answer before you start writing. By doing this you avoid what I like to refer to as ‘The Eric Morecambe’….all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order!

Why is this important? It’s important to organise your material into a coherent structure, which fully addresses the question and, preferably, gives the examiner the points he or she is looking for in a clear and logical order. This shows that you have a full grasp of the issues and are able to set out your ideas in a clear and ordered way (good marks for technique) and it has the distinct advantage of making the examiner’s life easier. Never a bad thing in my book!

After all, you don’t want the examiner to finish your script feeling like Andre Previn in this clip, do you?!

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