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Excuse me if I get on my soapbox for a moment. I have read some very spirited defences of the custom essay writing business recently. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. So here’s mine…..

I hate them. I won’t write them. I don’t believe they are a legitimate means of study and I do believe they encourage cheating.

Of course there is a place, and a vital one at that, for model answers; they are an excellent learning tool, but why, oh why, does anyone need a custom essay, answering a particular question and of a particular length if not for the possibility of passing it off as one’s own? Most tutors will gladly provide a sample answer to students once an assignment has been submitted and marked – so why the need to see the ideal answer before assignment submission unless it is used in some way to improve the work before handing it in? Yes, I know there are lots of ways to detect plagiarism, and most good lecturers will be able to spot cheating, but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to facilitate it in the first place.

I’ve read all the defences, and I’m sure that there are perfectly well meaning people out there, churning out answers, who genuinely believe that this is an aid to study and will not be used to cheat. But all I can say is, ‘get real’!

Maybe I’m just a cynic, but to me it’s a bit like putting a huge chocolate gateau in front of someone and saying “of course you mustn’t eat it”…..and anyone who knows me will tell you there’s absolutely no chance of that!

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